Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It’s The Holiday Season, What Should I be Doing?

For persons who own their own businesses this can be a crazy time of the year. How do you market your business or products most effectively to close out the year on a high note…as you also try to enjoy the many seasonal family and community activities that can bring happiness and personal satisfaction? Plus, it is time to get serious about 2010.

MAKE A LIST: If we haven’t already done so, now is a good time to reflect on 2009. What were some of the things I/you did this past year we can stop doing? Regardless of who we are, we have to admit we spent time, and possibly money, on some things that were unproductive. Put those thing on the ”NOT To Do” list. This will free up time for the things we want to add to our “To Do” list.

FOCUS ON PEOPLE: In the final analysis, the big rewards in life are associated with people—family members, associates we work with, neighbors and persons we don’t know, yet. We may amass large wealth, but we are unlikely to be happy if the people around us are not happy. If we are too focused on the dollars and not on the people, the outcomes are not likely to be as satisfying as they could be. I have a goal to be more thoughtful and inclusive in the coming year, starting today. I invite you to check up on me from time to time to see how I am doing. What can you do to improve in your “people” area?

MAKE A FEW NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: Those “To Do” and “NOT To Do” lists may be a good place to start in selecting some resolutions. Put the lists in a visible place. Think on them. Don’t rush it. Ideas for resolutions will come. If cash flow has been a problem, maybe a resolution (and action) about this issue is appropriate. If not getting important tasks completed in a timely manner is a problem, consider addressing that as a resolution (and an action). 2009 is about over. The slate can be “cleaned.” A FEW, select resolutions can be a good way to start the New Year.
So those are my suggestions for responding to my question at the top (They say never cover more than 3 topics in a blog). If it sounds like I have been “preaching,” it is to me, not you. It has been a wonderful year and I have much more to celebrate this holiday season than I ever anticipated I would have. I hope you can say the same, too. But if you can’t, you can clean the slate. 2010 is just waiting for us to make it our best year yet.

Ken Schneeberger

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