Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Checklist: Are you ready to sell?

Being prepared to sell is essential. You should have the basics covered before you open for business or make a sales call.

Product quality - Is your product fresh, clean and ready for sale? Are samples prepared?

Price - Is your product priced fairly and competitively? Is your price list accurate and up-to-date?

Display - Is your display neat, accessible and attractive? Are prices clearly marked? Is the name of your farm displayed on boxes, banners or signs?

Supplies - Do you have plenty of shopping bags. Do you have enough cash to make change? Is your scale in good working order? Are farm pamphlets and recipes available?

Personal appearance - Are you clean, neat, well dressed and well groomed?

Attitude - Are you proud of your products and what you do for a living?

Service - Are you ready to be personable and helpful? Do you have a plan for handling complaints? Do you have a good invoice system?

Gratitude - Are you thankful for your customers and the opportunity to serve them?
(by Mary Hendrickson)

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