Monday, June 21, 2010

Beginning Farmer Workshops

Just a reminder that there are two upcoming workshops aimed at farmers and landowners with less than 10 years experience who are interested in new horticultural enterprises. These should be a great introduction to people who are looking for more information on fruits and/or vegetable options. One workshop is in Columbia on June 22-23 and focused on berry production, and the second workshop in Springfield on June 25-26 covers both vegetables and fruits with a focus on growing for local markets. Both of these workshops combine classroom time with farm tours and have some of the states leading experts on these topics presenting information. Please be sure to sign up for one of these workshops if you have interest in new horticultural enterprises.

Beginning Farmer Workshop on Berry Options for U-Pick or Direct Marketing, Columbia, MO June 22, 1-5 pm and June 23, 8 am - noon, 2010, Bradford Farm

This workshop will cover:

- pros and cons of major and minor berry species for Missouri soils and climate

- establishment and management practices for strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries (a few other berry crops will also be briefly discussed)

- labor needs for these crops and their fit into a small farm operation in Missouri

- marketing options for berry crops in Missouri

- typical costs of production and potential economic returns over time

Instruction will be led by Patrick Byers, University of Missouri Extension Horticulture Specialist. The afternoon of the 22nd will start with a classroom session and then include a tour of the dozens of fruit varieties at the nonprofit Jefferson Farm. On the morning of the 23rd there will be a second classroom session followed by a tour of a local U-pick fruit farm (Pick and Pick).

To register contact contact Lorin Chann at 573-449-3518 or . Pre-registration cost is $20, or $30 for onsite registration.


Beginning Vegetable and Fruit Growers Workshop, Springfield, MO

June 25-26, 2010

Schedule and topics to be covered are as follows:

June 25 (Friday)
9:00-5:00, the Library Station

Topics to be covered:

- Evaluating a site for vegetables/fruits (Bob Schultheis, Patrick Byers)
- Preparing a site for vegetable/fruit production (Jay Chism)
- Equipment needs for producing vegetables/fruit (Jay Chism)
- Financial considerations in establishing a vegetable/fruit operation (Gordon Carriker)
- Irrigation for vegetables/fruits (Bob Schultheis)
- Pest management for fruits/vegetables (Jaime Pinero)
- Panel discussion of marketing strategies for vegetables/fruit
     Eileen Nichols (Webb City Farmers Market)
     Mary Hendrickson (MU Community Food Systems)
     Bill Griffiths (Farmers Gastropub Restaurant and Pub)

June 26 (Saturday)
Tours from 7:30-noon

7:30 am Start at Greater Springfield Farmers Market, then tours to Millsap Farm and Prairie Picking Patch

Registration - $20 per person, preregister by contacting the Greene County Extension office, telephone: 417-862-9284

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