Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Marketing Webinar - December 6th

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Next Monday, December 6th at 11:00 am, Jane Eckert, Eckert Agrimarketing, will be presenting a live one hour marketing webinar through the Canadian Farm Management Business Council. (CFBMC)

Everyone is welcome to participate (both Canada & U.S farmers) and there is no charge to you. You just have to go online to the CFBMC website and Sign Up Here in advance of the program.

The topic is "Marketing to Today's Consumer." Jane will be discussing the free tools of the Internet to reach your customer. You will not only hear and see her live on your computer screen but you will also see her Powerpoint. In addition, you have the opportunity to type in questions for her to answer during the program.

If you have never participated in a webinar before, it is quite easy. This is educational content delivered right to your home computer. While you'll be able to see speaker - the speaker won't be able to see you.

It is advisable to actually log in about ten minutes before the starting time to hear the instructions about how to participate.

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