Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marketing to Today's Consumer

A webinar on marketing sponsored by the Fruit Growers News and Vegetable Grower News will take place at 1:30 am on Thursday, November 17th.

The presenter will be Jane Eckert, Eckert AgriMarketing, who will discuss learning how successful agritourism operators in North America continue to grow their businesses with effective marketing methods in light of today's economy. It's never easy to stay ahead of your competition but you can learn to differentiate yourself. Don't be a copy cat — be a leader! Learn how to maximize the free tools of the Internet to stay ahead. Get ready to recharge your batteries and rechard your business for 2012 with proven marketing strategies.

If you would like to sign up for this webinar click here.  Great American Publishing will be back in touch with you about the details of how to participate in this webinar from the comfort of your own computer.

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