Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 SARE Farmer/Rancher Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following 2012 Misosuri SARE Farmer/Rancher Grant Recipients!  It will be exciting to see how each of these grants come to fruition on their farm.  Of the total 53 projects that were awarded in the North Central Region, 16 were awarded to Missouri Farmers!

FNC12-893 - Formulating a Beneficial Organic Chicken Feed to Produce Soy-Free and Corn-Free Eggs for $7,057.13 by Jeri Villarreal

FNC12-886 - Increasing the Sustainability of Our Farm by Learning how to Best Produce Sorghum Molasses for $7,224.00 by Ron Rushly

FNC12-887 - Blogging about the Establishment of a Manage Intensive Grazing Farm in Missouri that is Environmentally Friendly for $7,482.00 by Allan Sharrock

FNC12-888 - Introducing Locally Grown Produce to Childcare Centers during Winter While Promoting Sustainable Nutrition through Education and Marketing for $7,500.00 by Jennifer Sikes

FNC12-891 - Notrition Enhancement OF Produce Grown with a Micronutrient Mineral and Trace
Element Supplement for $1,264.46 by Robert Teerlinck

FNC12-845 - Teaching Pastured Poultry Producers On-Farm Processing Best Management Practices for a Safer Product for $4,877.00 by Kevin Backes

FNC12-844 - The Cheapest Way to Produce the Best Egg: Comparing how Different Supplemental Feeds Affect the Cost and Nutrient Density of Eggs from Heritage and Hybrid Pastured Hens for $7,500.00 by John Arbuckle

FNC12-878 - Phase 2: Burgundy Truffle Orchard Establishment - The Burgundy Truffle as a new sustainable agro-forestry crop for Missouri for $7,500.00 by Nicola Macpherson Hellmuth

FNC12-866 - A Comparison and Evaluation of Heritage Breed Broiler Chickens on Pasture for $6,534.54 by Wesley Hunter

FNC12-873 - Scaling Up the Use of Trap Crops for Insect Control in Mechanized Squash Production for $7,039.00 by Rusty Lee

FNC12-876 - Hoeing Hens for $5,251.26 by Pieter Los

FNC12-867 - Reducing Input Costs for Urban Aeroponic and Hydroponic Farming for $6,991.50 by Gibron Jones

FNC12-883 - Rural Food Network: Growing and Keeping Food in Gasconade County, Missouri for $22,404.50 by Alan Nolte

FNC12-852 - Comparative Analysis of Unpasteurized Organic Milk vs. Organic Fish Emulsion and Kelp as an Organic Fertilizer for Livestock Forages for $14,980.00 by Thomas Colonna
FNC12-855 - Whey as a Natural Insecticide $2,568.17 Debra DeWeese

FNC12-858 - Vertical Oblong Wheel Planter System: Scale Up Yield, Increase Production, Increase Profits, Feed More in the Community, and Improve Worker Ergonomics for $7,379.75 by Lisa Firsick

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