Monday, July 23, 2012

Sample Food Safety Plan

I read this on one of the listserves I'm on and thought I'd pas sit along to you. (debi)

I've actually done the free Food Safety Manual with and it is pretty good. I ended up with a 17 page document without including the "Best Management Practices" (optional in the program) and 31 pages WITH the Best Management Practices. There is quite a bit of detail and as you go through it a lot of drop-down choices. It's a pretty impressive document, and it does personalize it for your farm so that if you do want to get certified, you know what's in it. It has a very good section on which irrigation water tests to choose from.  It did take me about 3-4 hours to finish all of the various sections up to and including harvest, 2nd time using it.  Then you have to decide which of the many forms you will need to include - there is quite a bit of record keeping, especially if you want to be certified.

If you don't have to be certified by an independent certifier, I would say use the Oregon State food safety template and add a little to it like the water tests and traceback. It is a fairly simple one......
"Sample Farm Safety Plan".  If you want more GAP (good agricultural practices) then click here.

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