Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making a Farm Marketing Plan Webinar

Do you have a marketing plan for your farm? If not then you may want to join in on a webinar from the Vermont New Farmer Project with the Women's Agricultural Network at the University of Vermont on October 30th starting at 7 pm.

October 30, 2012, 7 pm: Making a Farm Marketing Plan.

Have you ever wondered what a marketing plan is and if you should have one? Are you good at growing things but not as confident selling them? Are you considering entering new markets or selling a new product? Are you trying to figure out which promotional tools are the best use of your time and money? If marketing is on your mind, join us for the next Vermont New Farmer Project webinar. Rose Wilson, consultant in marketing, business planning, and business development for farms, will lead you through the steps for creating a marketing plan for your farm. While walking through the marketing plan Rose will share tips on how to begin market research, choose your markets, develop marketing goals and prioritize marketing efforts. Bring your questions and plan for an interactive and engaged hour all about marketing!

Upcoming webinars from the Vermont New Farmer Project include:

November 27, 2012, 7 pm. Where are the Grants? Financing Strategies for New Farmers.

As a new farmer, accessing the money you need to get your farm started and to keep it operating can be a big challenge. The idea of finding a grant to help fund your farm operation is an alluring proposition. However, while opportunities for grant funding do exist, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as free money. Mary Peabody, director of the UVM Ext New Farmer Project, will talk about some common grants available to farmers, the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing grant funding for your farm, and how to think strategically about using conventional and alternative financing to support your operation through the start-up phase. Where are the Grants? Funding Strategies for the New Farm with Mary Peabody, Community Resources & Economic Development Specialist, UVM Extension.

December 18, 2012, 7 pm: Reaping the Rewards of Farm Financial Records

Record keeping on the farm is a chore that many of us put off. With the new year around the corner, make better record keeping your resolution! Join the Vermont New Farmer Project to learn strategies for farm financial record keeping that work. Mark Cannella, agricultural financial management specialist at UVM Extension, will help you prioritize your financial record keeping efforts, share tips for developing an effective record keeping system and show you how to use your records to make savvy farm management decisions. This introductory webinar will get your new fiscal year started off right.

January 29, 2013: Managing Vegetable Transplants for Success

Julie Rubaud, owner and operator of Red Wagon Plants, will share her knowledge and expertise in raising organic vegetable transplants for farms and commercial production. Red Wagon Plants is a wholesale organic plant operation with a retail outlet in Hinesburg, VT. Julie will talk about her management strategies for growing healthy, disease free transplants organically, as well as variety selection and timing of transplant production. Julie has extensive experience as a produce farm owner and operator and has operated Red Wagon Plants since 2005.



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