Friday, September 20, 2013

Legal Guide for Farmers Selling Direct

Even though this is directed to Illinois specifically, it brings to light thoughts and concepts on what you as Missouri farmers should find answers for as well.

Illinois Stewardship Alliance (ISA) just released a legal guide for farmers wanting to sell directly to consumers, restaurants and others. The guide is intended to be an introduction to the legal framework surrounding agriculture for beginning and current farmers who are interested in being part of the fastest growing sector of their industry – direct farm marketing of vegetables, fruits, meats and other products. Specific to Illinois, the guide is a handy reference on topics like taxing, zoning, liability insurance, cottage food laws, and regulations that pertain to specific foods.

Illinois Stewardship Alliance first published a legal guide for farmers interested in direct farm marketing in 2003. Changes to the laws and rules regarding food, such as the passage of the Cottage Food Act, compost reform, and federal Food Safety Modernization Act, demanded an update. “The University of Illinois Extension provided publication assistance for the guide. 

The new guide can be accessed at ISA's website under the resource section or by clicking here.

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