Monday, July 7, 2014

Climate Change Webinars

Have you noticed how the weather has been strange this year?  And how it is affecting your crops and livestock. Do you know that weather and climate are not the same thing?  They're not you say.  Well, weather is what is happening today and tomorrow and the next couple of days.  Climate is an accumulation of weather over a period of time.  Debates have been and probably will continue over what is causing this climate change or even if there is a change at all in our climate.  I don't know about you but I am tired of the argument of what is causing climate change.  I just know that it is changing.  And I'm concerned for farmers and how any climate change will affect their growing and raising our food and fiber.

With this said, the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education created a series of three webinars that provide tools to help growers cope with a changing climate and extreme weather events. Webinars highlight the importance of growers building healthy soils, increasing biodiversity, and employing water stewardship strategies. Take a look at the webinar recordings here.

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