Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mizzou Plant Diagnostic Clinic

The Mizzou Plant Diagnostic Clinic (PDC) is open all year to receive plant samples that are affected by a disease or disorder.  The PDC can also identify pesky weeds, plants of interest, mushrooms and insects or spiders.

Last year the Clinic processed 445 samples, over 50% of these consisted of ornamentals, turf, and fruit or vegetable producing plants. Diseases ranged the gamut from anthracnose to wilts, making it an interesting year in the Plant Clinic.  In 2014, most woody ornamentals were diagnosed with leaf spots and vascular wilt diseases.  Bacterial blights and root rots were most problematic in herbaceous ornamentals.  On zoysiagrass lawns, both chinch bugs and large patch were most often diagnosed. The food producing plants had a myriad of issues ranging from root rots to leaf spots.

The PDC is open all year.  It is encouraged that you get a diagnosis before applying pesticides or other controls, as this will allow for selection of a control measure that will most effectively deal with your precise pest problem.  The PDC is open for sample drop off, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.  Sample can also be mailed directly to the PDC or dropped off at your local extension office.  If possible, take a picture of the sick plant before digging it up; if several plants are affected a picture of the entire planting is also encouraged.  Pictures may be submitted in an email to, printed and submitted with the sample or supplied on a flash drive.  As always, please include a Submission Form, which has been filled out as completely as possible, with the sample.  Submission Forms and information on how to collect and ship samples can be found on the website or at your local Extension Office. 

MU Plant Diagnostic Clinic
28 Mumford Hall
Columbia, MO  65211
phone: (573) 882-3019

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