Monday, January 11, 2010

Missouri Value Added Grant Program

The Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority (MASBDA), part of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, objective is to provide grants for the creation, development and operation of rural agricultural businesses that add value to Missouri agricultural products and aid the economies of rural communities.

A agricultural product is defined as "an agricultural, horticultural, viticultural or vegetable product, growing of grapes that will be processed into wine, bees, honey, fish or other aquacultural product, planting seed, livestock, a livestock product, poultry or a poultry product, either in is natural or processed state, that has been produced, processed or otherwise had value added to it in this state."

MASBSA will consider grant applications for value-added agricultural business concepts that:
* lead to and result in development, processing and marketing of new or expanded uses of, agricultural products; and
* foster agricultural economic development in Missouri's rural communities.

This grant is NOT intended for production expenses, operational expenses or for capital expenditures. It will pay for technical, economic or market feasibility or a marketing study. The grant deadline is Jan 29, 2010.

For additional information on this grant call 573-751-2129 or

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