Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Green Hills Farm Project

If you are really interested in learning more about being a grass farmer, in othe words, raising animals on grass, the Green Hills Farm Project is probably one of the best groups in the state of Missouri to get to know.  They are all so friendly and willing to share their knowledge with others who are interested in farming like they are.  You don't need to be a paid member of their group to attend any of their events.  It is well worth your while and time to spend a good portion of your day at one of their summer farm walks. (debi)

The Green Hills Farm Project is a group of grass farmers in the North Central part of Missouri that are dedicated to growing livestock on grass and networking with each other to learn.  They hold an annual winter workshop usually in January and then members hosts farm walks throughout the growing season.  All events are casual, family-oreinted and open to non-members.

Thursday 18th 5pm, Linneus Community Center, Linneus, MO

We will get together and visit with one another about our farms. Discuss farm and animal issues. Recap our winter seminar on marketing. We will order out pizza and drinks. No carry in dish or chairs.  Meeting to follow the meal.


Thursday 15th 5pm, Tom & Paula Parker Farm, Richmond, MO. 816-470-3276

The Parker Family direct markets all of their pasture raised meats. See how they manage their sheep, chickens, pigs and cattle on pasture. Bring carry in dish and lawn chairs. This is a big family so bring all of your young ones! Meeting to follow meal.


Thursday 20th 4pm, Allen & Tauna Powell Farms, Laclede, MO. 660-963-2685 Come visit Allen & Tauna and all their cattle. All of the cows nutrition starts from the soil. Allen can tell us about his soil management plan. Come see good fence and great cattle. Tauna will tell us about her direct market pastured lamb meat. Beautiful wool products also. Bring carry in dish. Meeting to follow meal.


Thursday 17th 4pm, Dennis & Becky McDonald Farm, Galt, MO. 660-673-6508

Dennis always has much to teach all of us and Becky blesses us with her smiling hospitality! Come ready to learn from the many things that Dennis has experienced managing his land and cattle. Bring carry in dish and lawn chairs. Meeting to follow meal.

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