Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What do beginning farmers want assistance with?

Based on a 2009 survey from Practical Farmers of Iowa:

  1. Developing a whole farm plan (39%)
  2. Building infrastructure (barns, greenhouses, fences) (36%)
  3. Acquiring land (rent, lease, purchase) (36%)
  4. Reearching legal requirements (36%)
  5. Obtaining credit or capital (34%)
  6. Networking with other beginners (30%)
  7. Pricing products (28%)
  8. Obtaining permits, licenses, and insurance (28%)
  9. Holistic management training (26%)
10. Apprenticing or finding a farmer mentor (26%)

If you as a beginning farmer have any other thoughts you'd like to share about what assistance you feel you need and especially if you are not are receiving it, please post a comment below.  (debi kelly)

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