Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Congratulations to Molly Rockamann with EarthDance

Farmer Jane: Molly Rockamann -- EarthDance FARMS:  Building collaborations between food, farming, dance, art and music.

By Temra Costa

“I came to realize food and farming were at the intersection of everything I was passionate about - social justice, nutrition, environment, education, cultural traditions.”  ~ Molly Rockamann

Molly Rockamann will forever be remembered as the apprentice at UC Santa Cruz’s Farm and Garden Program that made “Farm Grease, The Musical,” happen. This 28 yr-old farmer grew up playing in the racks of her grandmother’s costume shop and with a family that made variety shows a priority at nearly all functions. So it’s not surprising that Molly continues to weave art, dance, and music into her farm in Ferguson, Missouri.

EarthDance FARMS (Food, Art, Relationships & Music…Sustainably) is a 14-acre gem that started growing food for the farmers market of Ferguson in 2008. It expands a little each year both in number of farmers and in food produced. The apprenticeship style of learning and teaching is something that Molly brought home from her travels. The program has more than doubled in its second year - from twelve to 30 - with support of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. (The state applies for Specialty Crop money from the USDA and redistributes to local organizations.) A unique attribute of the EarthDance apprenticeship program as they are open to any age. This year’s group ranges from fifteen to 65. They also just started their first foray into CSA growing their program by starting with the apprentices. For the 2011 growing season, they’re planning to start with 75 people.

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