Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Katahdin Hair Sheep International Expo in Jefferson City, MO

2010 Katahdin Hair Sheep International Expo, September 16-18
Carver Farm, Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri
Hosted by Lincoln University & Katahdin Hair Sheep International

We welcome you! It is beautiful in central Missouri this year. Abundant rainfall has kept pastures and lawns green and growing. Normally, fescue grass is dormant by June but has been green into July. Many counties would be under cautions for fire hazards. This year forages are thriving, and according to some that is either an advantage or a disadvantage, but come see for yourself. Plans for the 2010 Expo have come along nicely. Sale animal housing will be just outside of the main multi-purpose building in the same area that it was in 2006 when Carver Farm hosted the KHSI Expo the first time. Large tents will be set up and will give plenty of room to view sale Katahdins from a variety of farms, and will be large enough so you can browse the sale pens and rekindle old friendships. The Lincoln University “Aggies” agricultural club members will help make the Expo run smoothly and will assist all KHSI Sale consignors and buyers with loading and unloading.

Friday 9/17: Educational Sessions for Adults and Youth.

Included in your registration is admission to all Friday’s presentations. We have a wonderful array of  speakers that will both challenge and inform you, taking you from the field to the meat cutting room. Add to what you know about nutrition, including pastures, forages and feed.  Brush up on the latest info on sheep health concerns, or learn more about lambing kits and overcoming lambing difficulties. An extended session on cutting and cooking meats should offer all participants useful information for decisions related to processing and marketing of lamb meat products. A variety of excellent learning opportunities will be available for both new and experienced sheep producers of all breeds. This is a great program to attend with family members and farm helpers who live and/or work on the same farm: additional family and farm members can attend the Friday program and meals at a reduced registration cost.

Friday Program Speaker Information
On Friday morning starting off the conference is a talk on "Meats--cutting and cooking" given by Dr. Bruce Shanks, Assistant Professor at Lincoln University and Mr. Mike Weiss, owner of Russellville Locker and Feed. Mike is an award winner at local and statewide meat competitions. You will be shown how to cut up and cook your good Katahdin meat into many delicious meals. Dr. Shanks will be cooking the main meat for the KHSI dinner on Friday night.

Next on the forum is Dr. Charlotte Clifford-Rathert , DVM, and State Extension Small Ruminant Specialist, with a talk on "Recognizing and Reducing Health Problems in your Flock." All of us need help keeping our animals healthy and to save us money.

In the afternoon two excellent speakers will talk bout using forages. Dr. Rob Kallenbach, Extension and Researcher from the University of Missouri, will give a talk about types of forages that can help you be successful in the sheep business. You will definitely learn  new information. Mr. Mark Stewart, University of Missouri Area Livestock Specialist will deliver a talk on nutrition, pasture, forages and feeds. It is important to understand the nutrition provided by your forage.

Dr. Helen Swartz, Lincoln University State Small Ruminant Specialist, will present her talk on "Lambing  Difficulty, normal and abnormal lamb presentation”. Dr. Swartz shows how to make the difficulty of lambing problems understandable. If you have ever wondered how a baby lamb looks while inside the ewe and how it is positioned for birth then this is one you won't want to miss.

Friday 9/17: Evening. KHSI Membership Meeting, Dinner and Keynote Speaker for the 25th Anniversary of Katahdin Hair Sheep International The evening gets better with the annual KHSI Membership meeting at 5:45 pm, followed by a feast of mouth watering Katahdin cuisine! Dr. Bruce Shanks will be preparing Katahdin kebabs. At 6:15 Dr. Charles Parker will speak to the past and to the future to celebrate KHSI’s Silver Anniversary. His talk is called “From Silver to Gold: Continuing the Katahdin Dream.”

The action-packed day is concluded by joining us at the Capital Inn Best Western Hotel for some of that great Katahdin Fellowship at 7:30. Lincoln University will be hosting us.

Saturday 9/18: Expo Sale Animal Display, Demonstration on Conformation, National Katahdin Expo Sale, and Hair Coat Inspection Training. 

Sleep quick because the day starts off fast and furious with the Expo Sale Animal Display starting at 8:30 on Saturday morning. This is your chance to view and handle the sale animals. They are displayed by age class.

At 10am, Dr. Helen Swartz and Dr. Leroy Boyd, Professor Emeritus Mississippi State University, will give a demonstration on conformation for the ewe and ram. They will use very easy to understand methods to explain why a ram and ewe should have certain characteristics. They will offer their insights about understanding form to function of an animal that can help with selecting and breeding sheep that remain
productive and profitable for many years.

At noon the much anticipated National Katahdin Expo sale will start. Fine quality Katahdin breeding stock from many parts of the United States will be sold. You have a unique opportunity to buy sheep from some of the best flocks in North America. Many of these flocks have been in existence for years. You have the chance to buy into programs that you see advertised in the Katahdin Hairald Magazine.
At approximately 2 pm, Katahdin Hair Coat Inspector Training will begin at Birch Cove Farm (about 30 minutes drive from the Expo site) which is operated by KHSI member David Coplen. The coat training and prerview of Katahdin breed info will be given by Jim Morgan, KHSI Operations.

For more information or to register email  or call 479-444-8441.

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