Thursday, September 23, 2010

Missouri AgrAbility Project

The AgrAbility Project is a national program that works to assist agricultural and agribusiness workers who have physical and mental disabilities to adapt their homes and farms in order to allow them to continue to work in agriculture. The goal of AgrAbility is to provide assistance and resources to farmers with disabilities that allow them to continue farming. AgrAbility provides individualized services, both on and off the farm, to help create a comprehensive, individualized plan to allow the disabled farmer to continue farming. AgrAbility involves not only the farmer, but the family, community, agricultural professionals, medical professions and farm implement manufacturers.

Statewide in Missouri, the following services are available:
* Farm House Accessibility Surveys and Information
* Agricultural Worksite Accessibility Surveys
* Assistive Technology Resources
* Educational Materials
* Equipment Modification Information
* Independent Living Resources
* Technical Support

Disabilities that AgrAbility assists with are not limited to traumatic injuries. AgrAbility assists farmers with all types of disabilities and limitations including chronic health conditions or pain, such as arthritis, heart conditions, visual impairments, hearing impairments, respiratory diseases, and traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries. If you are interested in AgrAbility services (e.g., training, site visit, on-farm assessments, technical assistance, or information about working directly with the farmer, rancher, or farm worker), contact Karen Funkenbusch, Program Director, at 800-995-8503, or visit the website.

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