Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ag Opportunities

The Missouri Alternatives Center has been publishing a FREE newsletter since 1990.  Ag Opportunities, the name of the newsletter, began as a hard copy bimonthly newsletter that was mailed out to its subscribers.  In July 2006, its 15th year, Ag Opportunites became a monthly newsletter.  With budget cuts a few years ago, the hard copy printing and mailing came to an end and the Ag Opportunities became an online e-newsletter. 

The newsletter began to the shortage of information on alternative agricultural ideas such as ostriches, organic farming, agroforestry, direct marketing and goats to agritourism.  Today, the internet is loaded with websites containing lots of information on these topics today.  However, Ag Opportunities offers information specific to Missourians who are looking for new, creative, innovative ideas to add to or to begin farming.

If you've never read the Ag Opportunities, you'll be for a treat.  Sections of the e-newsletter include lead stories on topics of interest, "On the Calendar" (a listing of upcoming events), "In Print-On Line" (where to find some good information) and a new section called "Grants and Financing."  All previous newsletters have been archived.

The November 2010, Volume 21, Number 11 of Ag Opportunities includes the following:

* Research in Southwest Missouri May Change Ragweed from a Seasonal Curse to a Money Maker for Farmers

* Planting Cultivar Walnuts Can Create Additional Source of Farm Income

* Fall Best Time to Establish Trees from Walnuts

* Disease and Insect Control Begins This Fall




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