Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sustainable Viticulture Workbook

Designed to increase vineyard sustainability and the adoption of environmentally-friendly vineyard management practices, The “Ozark Mountain Vineyard Sustainability Assessment Workbook: A Self-Assessment of Management Practices, “ developed by the Institute of Continental Climate Viticulture and Enology at MU is now available on-line and in print format. Vineyard managers can use this resource to develop and implement self-assessment of vineyard practices to improve practices for managing vineyard canopies and crop load, pests and weeds.

The project measures progress in adopting grape best management practices (BMP) while identifying constraints to implementation in Arkansas and Missouri. Its content covers site selection, soils, site preparation, soil and vine nutrition management, cultivars and rootstocks, canopy management, crop load management, fertilizer storage, irrigation, weed management, pest management, disease management, pesticides and safety, pesticide application and pesticide equipment.

The Workbook is available through Extension Publications or on-line.

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