Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Green Hills Farm Project Winter Seminar

The Green Hills Farm Project is a non-profit organization of grass-based farmers in North Central Missouri.  Their goal is to provide education to their group members through farm walks and seminars.  The organization is very family oriented and all children are welcome to all events.

The speaker for the February 26th Winter Seminar is Mark Bader, owner of Free Choice Enterprises.  Mark travels the whole world helping livestock owners with pasture performance issues. Mark went to college at the University of Wisconsin. He concentrated all his studies on chemistry, biology and math. Mark and his dad started their business in 1953. He has two daughters that hold PHD’s in biochemistry that work in their business. Marks specializes in working with livestock owners with their grazing performance issues. Mark focuses on the forages, with good grazing management, the rumen of the animal performs perfectly. His talks go over all the functions that are taking place inside the animal during his presentation. Any animal performance issue that you are dealing with, Mark can make recommendations on how to correct it. Visit Mark's website for more information or give him a call if you like at 608-778-4475.

February 26 – Registration 9a, Start 10a.  Cost is $20/family.
Bring potluck, there will be drinks and some meat. The seminar will be held at the Linneus Community center in Linneus, MO. For any additional information contact Tauna Powell.

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