Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Show-Me Select Heifer Program

If you have been thinking about cattle as your enterprise on the farm, this might be the time to consider the Show-Me-Select Heifer Program.

The demand for high quality, reproductively-sound replacement heifers seems to be increasing. Many producers are choosing to purchase their replacement heifers instead of raise them. Heifers enrolled in the Show-Me-Select Program participate in a year round management program.

Regional extension livestock specialists and local veterinarians work together on prebreeding exams, vaccinations, parasite control, confirming pregnancy, and ensuring producers are utilizing bulls that meet specific criteria. Heifers in the program can be bred utilizing natural service sires or artificial insemination.

Most of the heifers enrolled in the Show-Me-Select program are non-registered and most never leave the home farm. They are kept as replacements by the producer or marketed directly off the farm. However, several go through Show-Me-Select replacement heifer sales located throughout the state. This year’s sale averages were $1665 at Palmyra, $1393 at Green City, $1460 at Fruitland, $1434 at Kingsville and $1273 at Joplin.
How do I participate in the Show-Me-Select heifer program?
For spring-born heifers you need to enroll by February 1, 2011. You must also become a member of Show-Me-Select, Inc. by paying a $5.00 membership fee. This can be accomplished by contacting the regional coordinator for your area.  Purchased heifers must be owned for sixty days prior to breeding. There are specific vaccination requirements for weaning, pre-breeding, and pregnancy check time. Pre-breeding exams should be conducted six weeks prior to breeding. The initial pregnancy check should be performed within ninety days of the start of the breeding season. Service sires must meet EPD requirements for birth weight or calving ease.
To learn more information about the Show-Me Select Heifer Program visit the website which contains program inforamation,  requirements, economic analysis, regional sales and contact information.

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