Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get Ready to Cut Your Farm’s Energy Costs!

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Energize Missouri Agriculture Program and EnSave Inc. will provide energy audits at no cost for Missouri farmers. The energy audit will analyze your farm’s energy use and determine specific recommendations to improve energy efficiency.

If you’re interested in saving money on your energy bill, an energy audit will help identify which energy efficient technologies make the most sense for your farm. The audits and energy consultation will reveal potential energy savings and how long it will take to pay for energy efficiency upgrades—just what you need to make an informed business decision.  An energy audit can also help unlock other funding opportunities available through federal energy efficiency programs.  You might be surprised to learn exactly where your energy dollars are going on the farm and how easy it can be to start reducing your energy costs.  An energy audit can identify energy savings between 10% – 35% of total energy use.

All Missouri farms are eligible to apply for this program, but only a limited number of farms can participate. Call the program hotline at (800) 732-1399 to find out if an energy audit makes sense for your farm.

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