Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday Evening Webinar Grazing Goats Part 1

Interested in findings ways to clean up your pastures of unwanted plants?  Looking for a way to add profit to an existing operation?  Want to have one of the most efficient forage converters on your farm?

Look no further than goats! Goats? Yes, goats, one of rural Missouri's hottest trends.  Demand for goat products, including goat meat, is rising quickly as America's demographics continue to change.  But even better -- goats are a great complement to existing farm enterprises. They can help control weeds in pastures by utilizing more plants.  Because they eat plants other species might not like, grazers can increase their total rate of gain per pasture by adding some these very useful animals.  And best of all -- goats can translate into more profit for every pasture owner.  On Monday evening, you'll be able to get the latest information on adding goats to your farming operation from one of Missouri's top experts in grazing goats.  

Monday's presenter, Mark Kennedy is a meat goat producer from south central Missouri and a State Grazing Lands Specialist with USDA-NRCS.  He will present a combination of research and personal experience that shows the most effective ways to bring the benefits of meat goats into your operation.

To attend the Monday, April 2nd's webinar, Grazing Goats, Part 1, go to
and log in as a guest.  Webinars start at 7 pm and usually last about 80-90 minutes -- and they offer a great opportunity to learn without ever leaving your living room or home office! Part 2 of Grazing Goats will take place on April 9.

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