Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Managing Crop Rotations in High Tunnels

A webinar titled "Managing Crop Rotations in High Tunnels Webinar" will be offered on February 28 at at 1:00 p.m. The webinar is being presented by the University of Illinois' Small Farm Webinar Series.

“Although the first crop in a high tunnel is often easy, subsequent crops may become increasingly difficult. This webinar will cover options for rotation and also strategies for managing situations that often arise where crop rotation is not feasible”, said Jeff Kindhart, University of Illinois Extension Educator. It will also include a discussion ranging from potential rotational crop options for those with movable high tunnels to addressing specific actions that can be taken by growers to avoid pitfalls they face with limited rotation practices.

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The Small Farm Webinar Series is a 12 week educational series for the small farm community and provides practical knowledge on emerging topics which advance local food production in Illinois. This series of events is aimed at providing small farm producers with a look at how leading practices in production, management, and marketing enable operations to improve profitability and sustainability.

Archives of webinars are (and will be) available at Go to Local Resources and Information and click on Small Farm Webinar Series.

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