Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sheep Shearing School

Lincoln University Coopeartive Extension will host a Sheep Shearing School on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at George Washington Carver Farm, 3804 Bald Hill Road, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Dr. Helen A Swartz – State Sheep and Goat Specialist, Lincoln University Cooperative Extension
Guy Frazier – Shearing Instructor, Hallsville, Missouri
Alex McClure – Wool Expert, Harper, Kansas
8:00 am – Welcome and Introductions
I: Care of equipment:
A) Learn to care for and assemble sheep shearing equipment.
B) Learn comparisons and parts of the equipment.
C) Learn how to properly sharpen parts of equipment.
D) Learn the importance of oiling shears, types of oil and frequency of oiling for quality shearing.

II: Care of animals and how to set up properly for faster shearing:
A) Pair up with a partner and select an animal.
B) Learn how to properly set up a sheep for shearing.
C) Learn the pattern that is most efficient in shearing.
D) Learn where to begin and end when shearing a sheep.
E) Learn to separate the fleece prior to bagging.
F) Learn how to set up the bags to fill with fleeces.
G) Learn how to position the animal during shearing for the most efficient shearing.

NOON – Working Lunch (Lunch is provided)

III: Wool Grading:
A) Learn to grade wool in the three categories.
B) Learn how to separate belly, leg and britch wool.
C) Learn how to bag fleece and tag for increased value.

1:00 pm – Continue to shear sheep, take care of equipment and market the wool.

5:00 pm – Adjourn

Overview of the shearing school:
                    If you have your own shearing equipment, please bring it from home.
                    Wear comfortable clothes for shearing, and good shoes.
                    Some equipment will be furnished.

The registration fee is $50.00/person.  When registering please note if you will be bringing your own equipment.  Make check payable to: Lincoln University Cooperative Extension and mail to Vonna Kesel, P.O. Box 29, Lincoln University Cooperative Extension, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0029. For more information call 573-681-5312.

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