Monday, March 18, 2013

Aquaculture Videos

A series of online aquaculture workshops were held November 12-15 and the recordings have been posted to Please note the recent workshops are at the bottom of the page while earlier presentations are at the top of the page. The topics that were covered included:

·        Introduction to Aquaculture

·        Aquaculture: What is it? Is it important? Why should I care? – David Cline, Auburn University

·        Business planning and economics – Matt Parker, University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension

·        Pond Culture – Forrest Wynne, Kentucky State University 

·        Recreational Pond Management (Bass/Bream) – Russell Wright, Auburn University

·        Aquatic Plant Management – Gary Burtle, University of Georgia

·        Yellow Perch – Laura Tiu, Ohio State University

·        Sunfish – Charles Hicks, Lincoln University

·        Walleye – Allen Pattillo, Iowa State University

·        Clam Culture – Joshua Reitsma, Woods Hole Sea Grant Program

·        Oyster Culture – Vanessa Weldon, eXtension

·        Aquaponics – Patricia Duncan, Fort Valley State University


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