Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finding Land

One of the most expensive and often the hardest thing for a beginning farmer to purchase is land.  I get calls from time to time asking if I know of a farm for sale.  Just the same at times I get calls from farmers looking for good people to buy their farm.  I don't keep such information in my office and unfortunately Missouri does not have a farm link program as some states do.

However I did run across this document that might be a bit helpful for those looking to buy a farm -
Finding, Assessing, and Securing Farmland.  Although this was written specifically with Massachusetts in mind, it does offer great concepts that are transferable to just about anywhere.
Topics in the publication include:
* What kind of land am I looking for?
* What sort of land tenure situation is right for me?
* How do I get started with my land search?
* What should I look for during a farmland visit?
* How do I negotiate with a landowner and sign an agreement to use the land?

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