Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MO Egg Law Update

This year the Missouri Department of Agriculture is addressing the issue of a new category "Limited Retail" license intended for a special group of retailers selling eggs only at farmers' markets and roadside stands.  This new retailer category will not require the additional "dealers" license as in past years.  However, this new category is subject to the same requirements as a dealer for labeling cartons as to the grade, size and name and address of the producer/retailer.  (Your egg license number is an acceptable substitute of the name and address requirement.)

The current Egg Law was adopted in 1955 and has changed little since that time.  However, in recent years, the number of farmers' markets has grown providing consumers with local grown wholesome foods.  In response to input from our farmer marketers, the Missouri Department of Agriculture is addressing concerns within the framework of the laws while preserving the mechanism for preventing and tracing food safety issues.  The Missouri Department of Agriculture will implement the new policy for retail licenses in time for this year's renewal period. 

Essentially this means that the OLD rule was that you had to have a Retail and a Dealer license even if you sold at a farmers' market and roadside stand.  The NEW rule says if you sell directly to the consumer only (farmers' market and roadside stand), you will need only a retail license.  The fee is the same at $5.00.

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