Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Illinois Fruit & Vegetable News

Mache is one of the hardiest
winter greens  and it survived
the winter without being damaged
by the extreme cold. 
For those on the eastern side of Missouri, you may be interested in subscribing to this e-newsletters from the University of Illinois Extension – the Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News by Dr. Rick Weinzierl, Professor and Extension Entomologist, SARE PDP Program Coordinator, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois.  I found it to be very informative for commercial fruit and vegetable growers.
A new issue of the Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News (Volume 19, number 20) has been posted on the web.  To reach the home page for the Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News (with links to all issues and additional resources), use the following link:

For direct access to issue 19:20, use the following link:
In This Issue:
Upcoming Programs (an extensive list of educational programs for beginning and established growers)

Regional Reports (from western and southern Illinois)

Fruit Production and Pest Management (pheromone traps for fruit insects)

Vegetable Production and Pest Management (soil temperatures and spring planting; notes from the high tunnel workshop in southern Illinois earlier this month)

Local Foods Issues (August 2014 deadline for food safety cost-share audits)

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