Friday, April 11, 2014

Plant Diagnostic Clinic Reopened April 1st

The University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic was established in 1965 to provide answers to plant health questions.  The clinic receives samples from various agencies, businesses and private citizens throughout Missouri.

The mission of the clinic is to provide accurate, timely answers and management recommendations for plant diseases.  Management recommendations reflect research-based results and an integrated pest management (IPM) philosophy.  Besides addressing plant diseases the clinic handles samples submitted for identification of weeds, mushrooms, insects or arachnids.

They welcome your sample submissions to the clinic.  In addition to serving you, the samples you send help to determine what plant health issues are occurring around the state.  All diagnostic results are maintained in the National Plant Diagnostic Network's national Repository.  This system helps to track down disease occurrences and spread, quarantined or threatening pest locations and noxious weeds.

Patricia Wallace is now serving a the clinic Director and along with clinic staff will handle your samples.  When necessary, the clinic can utilize the expertise of University of Missouri Extension Specialists and faculty in the Division of Plant Sciences who specialize in Agronomy, Entomology, Horticulture or Plant Pathology to ensure accurate and effective diagnosis and reporting.

Please visit the Plant Diagnostic Clinic website for:
  • Information on how to collect and ship a sample
  • Submission forms (types of samples accepted)
  • Plant Disease Identification
  • Insect/Weed Identification
  • Plant/Weed Identification (to include mushrooms)
  • Clinic hours for dropping off a sample
  • Fees associated with services
Contact information:
University of Missouri
Plant Diagnostic Clinic
28 Mumford Hall
Columbia MO 65211
To receive Pest Alerts:

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