Friday, May 30, 2014

Alternative Agriculture Field Day

An Alternative Agriculture Field Day will be held at Lincoln University Busby Organic / Integrated Research Farm on June 4, 2014.  Registration begins at 1:00pm.  Guest Dinner Speaker will be George Kuepper, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist for the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Poteau, Oklahoma

Dinner will be at 6:00 pm which will feature Grass-fed Pulled Beef Sandwiches, Grass-fed Pulled Goat Sandwiches, Grass-fed Goat Bratwursts, Samples of native plant dishes.

Site 1: Hydroponic Fodder Sprouting (Chris Boeckmann, Organic Production Manager)
Mr. Boeckmann will explain the process used for the hydroponic sprouting of fodder grains. He will discuss the potential applications of hydroponic sprouting and their feasibility for Missouri livestock producers.

Site 2: Silvopasture (Dr. Charlotte Clifford-Rathert, State Extension Specialist- Small Ruminants)
Goats are used to eradicate and control invasive vegetation while creating a silvopasture in a Missouri Woodland. Dr. Charlotte's team will discuss the data collected, the positive impact seen so far, and different fencing options. 

Site 3-A: Composting (Dr. Hwei-Yiing Johnson, State Extension Specialist- Plant Science)
Several composting methods will be demonstrated: aerobic, vermicomposting, and Effective Microbes (EM) Bokashi. Compost tea brewing and compost use at Busby Farm will also be discussed.

Site 3-B: Selection for Parasite Resistance in Goats (Dr. Bruce Shanks, Assistant Professor, Animal Science)
Goats are increasingly popular with small landowners and fit well into forage-based systems. However, goats are susceptible to infection by internal parasites and the parasites are developing resistance to chemical de-wormers.  This research uses selective goat breeding to increase natural parasite resistance.

Site 4-A: Native Prairie and Woodland Restoration (Michael Tarka, Native Plants Program Research Technician)
Learn about the process of returning pasture/woodland to a more natural state. Discussion will include types of land and potential problems. 

Site 4-B: Native Plants (Amy Hempen, Native Plants Technician)
Tour the native plant gardens surrounding the youth cabins.

Site 5-A: Organic Blueberries (Dr. Zelalem Mersha, State Extension Specialist- Plant Pathology and    Nahshon Bishop, Small Farm Specialist)
Topics will include blueberry production in Missouri, popular cultivars, best management practices and some of the challenges of organic blueberry production. Dr. Mersha will discuss the ongoing research efforts to address phytophthora root rot using compost tea, gypsum, and raw milk.

Site 5-B: Integrated Pest Management: Biological Control and Invasive Insects (Dr. Roshan Manandhar, Post-Doctoral Fellow—Sustainable IPM Systems, and Ms. Kaitlyn Kliethermes, Research IPM Technician)
Dr. Manandhar will discuss research being conducted aimed at enhancing biological control in small farms, funded by Ceres Trust: An Organic Initiative. Ms. Kliethermes will provide an overview of our research involving mass trapping of Japanese beetles and monitoring and organic management of Spotted Wing Drosophila and Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.

Site 6: Solar-Powered Irrigation and Livestock Watering System (To be determined)
The 2-acre reservoir provides water for the orchard and pastures using a solar-powered pump and extensive piping system. The system is a vital component of the Busby Farm’s integrated / sustainable farming operation. 

Site 7: Integrated Pest Management: Cucurbit Crops (Dr. Jaime Piñero, State Extension Specialist—IPM)
See an integrated pumpkin/cantaloupe production system featuring cover crop mulches (for weed and disease management), trap cropping (for insect pest control), and use of buckwheat to enhance pollination and crop yields.

Site 8: Multi-Species Grazing (Dr. James Caldwell, Associate Professor Animal Science)
Grazing with multiple species of animals may improve performance of one or both species.  Research projects focus on forage utilization, parasite control and animal performance using different combinations of cattle, sheep and goats.

Site 9: FINCA Garden (Dr. Nadia Navarrete-Tindall, State Extension Specialist- Native Plants)
Tour the newly established FINCA garden planted with native edibles.

Site 10: Integrated Pest Management: Cover Crops for Small Farms and Vegetable Growers (Jacob Wilson, IPM Extension Technician)
Observe several cover crops and discuss uses for small farmers. The demonstration will include cover crop termination using a roller crimper and flail mower.

Site 11: Biofuels (Dr. Raimund Bayan, Principal Investigator & Phil Markway, Research Technician)
An overview of the biofuel/biochar research conducted by Lincoln University. Biochar is a by-product of biofuel production from biomass through a process called pyrolysis. When applied to the soil, biochar improves soil quality and promotes plant growth.

South Campus: Commercial Kitchen Tour (transportation provided) (Maggie Hopper, Farmers’ Market and Commercial Kitchen Manager)
Tour the commercial kitchen and learn about its uses and availability to local producers. Learn more about the farmers’ market sponsored by Lincoln University Cooperative Extension.

$5 Registration Fee - RSVP Requested

To register, call Cindy Thompson or Debbie Hanlin at 573-681-5967 or email Cindy DeOrnellis
For additional information, contact Chris Boeckmann at 573-619-2914 or Cindy DeOrnellis at 573-635-2063. 

DIRECTIONS: From Jefferson City:  Take Hwy 54 West towards Lake of the Ozarks. Proceed approx. 5 miles and turn left onto Goller Road. The farm entrance is located .1 mile from Hwy 54.  Turn right and proceed down the lane to the main building.

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