Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Supporting Pollinators on Organic Farms

Concerned about pollinators on your organic farm? The Xerces Society recently released a new manual on Pollinator Management for Organic Seed Producers. This new publication aids organic seed producers in understanding the role and diversity of seed crop pollinators, as well as strategies for reducing pollen movement between organic and conventional farms. Profiles of common pollinators, strategies for managing pollination, and guidelines for specific crops are all included. You can download the publication here.

Visit the Xerces Society website for more publications on creating and conserving pollinators on organic farms which are available for download including:
  • Pollinator Habitat Assessment Form and Guide for Organic Farms
  • Organic Farming for Bees Toolkit
  • Organic Farming Practices: Reducing Harm to Pollinators
  • Organic-Approved Pesticides: Minimizing Risk to Pollinators
  • Farming for Bees
  • Biodiversity Conservation: An Organic Farmer’s Guide,  by the Wild Farm Alliance

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