Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Horticulture Specialist at Lincoln University

Dr. Touria Eaton is the new State Horticulture Specialist at Lincoln University.  She will be conducting research based demonstrations and developing extension and education programs to benefit Missouri farmers.
Dr. Eaton has a Bachelors of Science from Morocco in Plant Science and a Masters and Doctorate degrees in Plant and Soil Sciences from the University of Massachusetts.

As a senior researcher and extension educator, she worked with a broad range of farmers with various personal experiences, learning styles and ethnic and religious backgrounds.  She worked closely with farmers, agricultural organizations and agriculture departments to develop educational programs that helped farmers increase income and profitability through sustainable practices of nutrient and pest management.  Her work was with both vegetable and floriculture crops.  A unique research project she conducted with vegetables was the production of Brussels sprouts for selling on stalks instead of as buds.  She has worked on how to increase fertilizer and water efficiency through the use of biochar as a soil amendment and how to increase the nutritional quality of vegetables through cultivar selection and soil fertility regimes.  Her recent research projects can be found here.

Dr. Eaton can be reached via email at or 573-681-5174.

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