Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Web Marketing for Farmers Market Sales

Do you have facebook likes? but struggle with getting customers to the market?

This 6-week course, "Web Marketing for Farmers Market Sales" focuses on the whole life-cycle of the farmers’ market customer, from online interest to the committed weekly customer. Attend for free by email and leave with an actionable, measureable marketing plan for 2015!

This course has been built with both farmers and farmers’ market managers in mind.   The course includes an online community, filled with the best marketers in farmers markets, to discuss the weekly marketing assignment and as a resource for you as you implement your plan.
Registration closes Feb. 13th!

Web Marketing for Farmers Market Sales: A Free 6-week Course
·               Week 1: 6 Steps to the Perfect Farmers Market Customer
·               Week 2: Interest and Capture
·               Week 3: Engagement and Sale
·               Week 4: Form the habit and upsell
·               Week 5: Farmers market loyalty programs
·               Week 6: Create a measureable 2015 marketing plan

Each week will include an exclusive video interview with an innovative farm marketer for inspiration.

Here is Jim, President of the Western Wake Farmers Market in North Carolina talking about how his "mood driven" post one bad weather market morning drew out his customers. The extended interview with Jim and five others like it will be included with the course.  Interviews with expert farmers market marketers

About the host, Simon Huntley
I have worked in and around farms my whole life. Over the last eight years, I have operated Small Farm Central which provides technology and marketing services to over 800 farmers and markets across the U.S., Canada, and internationally. My experience with farm marketing is driven by the work I do with Small Farm Central's clients, but I have also worked farmers markets as a farmer vendor, so I know the daily struggles of selling at the farmers market.

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