Thursday, February 11, 2010

Energize Missouri Agriculture

Gov. Jay Nixon announced a new Energize Missouri Agriculture cost-share program at the Governor’s Conference on Agriculture, held in January 2010 in St. Louis. Here are excerpts from the announcement:

To aid Missouri farmers in improving energy efficiency and their bottom line, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is offering up to $3 million statewide in cost-share grants to agricultural operations for energy efficiency improvement and renewable energy equipment.

Examples of qualifying projects or systems include:

• Solar powered systems (solar powered water systems such as pumps, panels, pipe, tanks or solar powered fencers)

• Insulated waterers

• Global Position Systems (or GPS) guidance systems

• Irrigation improvements (flow meters, pulse irrigators, drip irrigation systems, irrigation nozzle replacements, pipe upgrades, tier 3 engines)

• Dairy facility improvements (variable frequency drives, variable speed drives, improved refrigeration efficiency, heat reclaimers, high volume low speed fans, compressed air improvements)

• Swine and poultry facility improvements (high volume, low speed fans)

• Upgrades or new grain dryers

• Lighting upgrades, motion sensor or timers

• Conservation tillage equipment

• High efficiency electric motors

• Biomass furnaces/boilers for other than poultry houses

• Other appropriate energy savings equipment

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