Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety 101

Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety 101

March 9, 2010

Jefferson City, MO

Agenda: A basic food safety short course for dairy processors

Eight thousand people die each year from food borne related disease.  Dairy products are in the ten most potentially hazardous food categories.

Food borne disease outbreaks are largely preventable.

1. Food Safety – some basics – FDA’s Roles and Programs

2. Good Manufacturing Practice and the PMO

3. Proper Steps in Sanitation – Legal Sanitizer Handout

4. Product Handling – milk and cheese

5. Inspections – What is entailed?

6. Legal Pasteurization

    a. What is a legal pasteurizer?

    b. What is considered pasteurized?

7. Proper Bottling techniques, capping – Labeling Requirement handout

8. Sampling/Product Counts

    a. 4 out of 6

    b. SPC

    c. SCC

    d. Containers

9. Lagoons/Sewage/Wells

10. Animal Health

11. Antibiotics

12. DHSS

13. Licensing Procedures

14. SMB Fees

15. Raw Milk Laws

16. Bio Security/Risk Assessment

For more information call the Missouri Milk Board, 573-751-3830 or

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