Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MO State Beekeeping Assn Spring Conference

The MO State Beekeepers Association's annual Spring Meeting wil be March 12-13 in Hannibal.  They have an exciting agenda planned and hope that all of our Missouri beekeepers and those interested in beekeeping will attend. Remember, communication and learning are the keys to successful beekeeping.

This two-day meeting will be held at The Quality Inn & Suites:
120 Lindsey Drive, Hannibal, MO 63401 573-221-4001

Once again, member Bernie Andrew is one of the two tours for the conference.  His honey house is across the border in Illinois. This is currently scheduled for Friday morning.  An early spring management classes (with active beehives) is planned, weather permitting. If not outside, then in the meeting room.  The second tour is at the Andrew Honey Farm in Loraine, IL.

The main speaker will be Jennifer Berry. She is an Agricultural Research Coordinator at the University of Georgia, College of Agriculture/Entomology. She has a Master’s degree in entomology, and works primarily on bee research projects under Keith Delaplane.  Her talks will focus on how we can keep our bees healthy. 

Other topics at the conference are "Basic Equipment, the Essentials of What you Need and the Choices You’ll Have to Make', "Expanding Your Market with Creamed Honey", "Newbee Panel: Now that you have had bees for a year or two, put together all the questions you were afraid to ask, and ask our panel of experts" and more.

For more information about the meeting go to the Missouri Beekeeping Association's website.

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