Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meeting to Explore Introductory Beekeeping Skills

(written by Tim Baker, Horticulture Specialist, Grundy County Extension Center)

In the fall of 2008, MU Extension held a series of meetings on beekeeping in Northwest Missouri. The workshops were taught by Raymond Heldenbrand, a Daviess County beekeeper. When we held the meetings in Jamesport, Stanberry, and Spickard, I was amazed at the response. In all, over 100 people attended the three meetings.

Ever since then, I’ve been getting calls asking when we were going to have the next meeting. These calls have come from all over.

In response to that demand, we are again going to have a meeting on beginning beekeeping, taught by Raymond Heldenbrand. The meeting will be held on May 6th, at the Daviess County Public Library, in Gallatin, MO. The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM.

Raymond has extensive knowledge of beekeeping. He has kept bees for over 15 years. He will discuss basic bee biology, what equipment you need to buy, how to take care of the bees, and even how to capture a swarm.

In addition to his discussion of basic beekeeping, Raymond will bring equipment to demonstrate. He will also have an observation beehive with live bees in it so you can see them up close. Since they are contained in the hive, and can’t get out, you don’t need to worry about getting stung.

While the meeting is geared toward beginning beekeepers, some of the people who attended the meetings in 2008 were already beekeepers, with extensive knowledge. They came to share and discuss their love of beekeeping. It was interesting to see the discussion of beekeeping methods among experienced beekeepers, and a lot of helpful knowledge was shared at all levels. So if you are already a beekeeper, you are welcome too.

If you would like further information on this meeting, please call the Daviess County Extension Center at 660-663-3232.

NOTE:  For additional information about beekeeping, there is a great publication called Beekeeping in the Midwest from the University of Illinois.  Plus there is the Missouri State Beekeepers Association which has annual meetings, newsletter and sets up a booth at the Missouri State Fair each year as well as lists all the local associations across the state so you can find a local monthly meeting close to you.

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