Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Share Your Farm Story: Media & Public Relations Tool Kit for Farmers

Farmers especially beginning farmers are looking for ways to promote and market their farm and farm products.  The cheapest way to market your farm is through the media, not paying for advertising but rather using them for free press.  Many newspapers, especially local weekly newspapers, are always looking for stories to print.  Many farmers may lack the skills on how to engage the media to write a story on them.  Below is a great resource from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAG).  The NSAG has created a FARM Media and Public Relations Tool Kit for Farmers.

Components of the kit are:

•Ways to Generate Media Coverage
•Write Your Own Press Release in 6 Easy Steps
•Ways to Engage Media
•Interview Tips & Pointers by Specific Media:
      ◦Web-based Media
•Farm Photography Guide (generate high-quality photos of your farm)
•Additional resources/credits
•Worksheet: Create your Compelling Story
•How to Create a Press Kit
•Sample farm media kit with starter templates
      ◦Farm Fact Sheet
      ◦Farmer Bio
      ◦Press Release

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