Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Farmer/Rancher Grant due Nov 20th

This is a reminder that the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Farmer Rancher Grants are due on November 20th.

This is an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to fund innovative ideas that advance sustainable agriculture.  An individual farmer can receive up to $7500, two farmers working together can receive up to $15,000, and three or more farmers can get up to $22,500 in grant funds.

Here are a few Missouri local projects that were funded in the last couple of years:

- Optimizing Year Round Leek Production in the Ozarks: http://mysare.sare.org/mySARE/ProjectReport.aspx?do=viewProj&pn=FNC13-928

- Growing Mushroom on Local Agricultural Byproducts: http://mysare.sare.org/mySARE/ProjectReport.aspx?do=viewProj&pn=FNC14-959

You can find out more information about this grant here: http://www.northcentralsare.org/Grants/Our-Grant-Programs/Farmer-Rancher-Grant-Program

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