Monday, January 6, 2014

Building a Small Corral

For those of you with a very small cow herd that want an inexpensive way to work cattle, here’s a plan in which you might be interested. This is a plan for a wooden head gate, which was probably developed in the very early 1950s. I’ve heard it was a popular unit and there are some still in use. The plan was designed to build the head gate separate then attach it to a post on either side. A wooden or steel hinged panel could be used on both sides behind the head gate and you have a fairly inexpensive working chute. You still need a catch pen, alleyway, and a narrow lead-up alley to get to the working chute. Additionally, you may also want a means to load out into a gooseneck trailer.

Below is a sketch of a small, easily constructed corral that might fit the needs of a small herd. A 20’ x 30’ pen should easily hold 25 head of cows. Alleys 10’ wide would allow some sorting as well as movement to other areas of the system. This system could be constructed with 37 panels or gates (25-10’, 2-5’, 2-7’, 4-8’ 1-30” and 3-2’), 41 posts, and something to make two sides of a solid curved lead-up alley about 15’ long.

(From Ag News & Views Newsletter, Jasper County Extension Center)

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