Thursday, January 30, 2014

MU Cover Crops Research and Extension Symposium Now Online

Some of you may be interested in the just released video recordings of presentations from the University of Missouri Cover Crop Research and Education Symposium, held on January 14th.  The individual presentation videos along with the pdfs of each presentation are here.  About 130 people from universities and agencies in Missouri participated in this event, which was focused on the cover crop research already being conducted and what additional research and extension is needed.  The symposium program is below.

·       Opening remarks - Shibu Jose, H.E. Garrett Endowed Professor and Director of the Center for Agroforestry at MU

·       Update on NRCS programs related to cover crops - Jodie Reisner, State Agronomist for NRCS-Missouri

·       Trends with cover crops across the Corn Belt - Rob Myers, Regional Director of Extension Programs for NCR-SARE

·       Herbicide considerations with cover crops - Kevin Bradley, State Extension Weed Specialist and an Associate Professor of Plant Sciences at MU

·       Forage value of cover crop species used for grazing - Rob Kallenbach, State Extension Forage Specialist and a Professor of Plant Sciences at MU

·       On-farm cover crop strip trials - Charlie Ellis and Rich Hoormann

·       Charlie Ellis is Regional Natural Resource Engineering Extension Specialist for University of Missouri Extension, based in Lincoln County, Rich Hoormann is a Regional Agronomy Extension Specialist for University of Missouri Extension, based in Montgomery County

·       Panel on soil impacts of cover crops - Moderator: Peter Scharf, State Soil Fertility Extension Specialist and a Professor of Plant Sciences at MU

·       Cover crop research in no-till corn-soybean system - Newell Kitchen, Soil Scientist with USDA-ARS, Columbia, MO

·       Role of cover crops in improving water quality and other environmental measures - Ranjith Udawatta, Associate Professor in Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences at MU.

·       Soil health impacts of cover crops - Bob Kremer, Soil Microbiologist with USDA-ARS in Columbia, MO

·       Luncheon Guest Speaker: Mike Plumer, Illinois - Benefits from cover crops roots on cash crop performance

·       Economics of cover crops - Alan Weber, Vice-President of MARC-IV Consulting

·       Cover crop research in organic crop production - Kerry Clark, Senior Research Specialist with the MU Bradford Research and Extension Center

·       Issues with establishing grain crops into cover crop residue - Tim Reinbott, Superintendent of the MU Bradford Research and Extension Center

·       Farmer panel on research and extension needs - Moderator: Brent Myers, State Corn and Small Grains Extension Specialist and an Assistant Professor of Plant Sciences at MU

·       Producers: Linus Rothermich, Steve Wooden, and Jules Willott

·       Wrap-up discussion on identifying ongoing research and extension priorities for cover crops in Missouri - Moderator: Rob Myers, NCR-SARE

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